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Units of Charge

Standard page (SP) – a page of thirty lines, each with sixty characters. Based on the information of the MS WORD text editor, a Standard Page is the sum of the words and characters without spaces divided by 1800.


Word – a character or a character sequence separated by spaces; for the purposes of this definition, a character is a letter, digit or any explicit expression of a concept or an idea. This unit is mainly used to charge translations by CAT-tools.


Physical Page (PP) – one document page to be translated into another language or otherwise processed, regardless of the size and amount of text on the page. We use this type of charging for certified translations and DTP processing.


Certified translation unit = PP (official document page) or SP (if the translation is in excess of 1800 strokes).


Character = letter, figure or any clear expression of a notion or idea. We use this type of charging for exotic languages, i.e. Korean, Chinese etc.




Hour – each hour or part of hour.


½ Day – more than one hour, but a maximum of 4 hours.


Day – more than 4 hours, but a maximum of 8 hours.


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