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High quality interpreting depends not only on the interpreter’s quality, but also on the interpreter’s opportunity to prepare for interpreting. Very few people realize that an interpreter is not just a “necessary evil”, which every bilingual communication must undergo; it is the entire effect of the speaker on the public which depends on the performance of the interpreter. This is precisely why it is necessary to provide the interpreter with the reference materials for interpreting and to establish the best conditions for performing the interpreting for him/her.


We prepare our interpreters for their interpreting performance in advance: we provide them with most of the information and reference materials on the topic of interpreting provided to us by the client. The more reference materials are available and the more relevant they are, the better the preparation for performing the interpreting the interpreter may make. Of course, the quality of the interpreting depends on other factors too, which we control so that the quality of the interpreting is the best. Finally, the resulting performance of the interpreter delivers the best advance to you, our clients. We are familiar with all the dangers of interpreting and so we can prepare properly together with the interpreters for each interpreting session.


We Know and Therefore You Profit.


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