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Simultaneous Interpreting

“Simultaneously” Means At The Same Time

Simultaneous interpreting is the kind of interpreting which is performed at once, right during the speech of a speaker. In practice, this means that the interpreter reproduces the speech of the speaker into the target language at the same time as the speech is heard. Simultaneous interpreting may be performed either by means of technical equipment or without such equipment.


Interpreting With Technical Equipment

This is interpreting of all kinds where interpreter booths are used in which the interpreters sit and interpret the speech of the speaker into the microphone. By means of portable stations with headphones, listeners may listen to the speech interpreted into their own language. With this technical equipment, either typical booth-interpreting or piloting may be delivered.



This is the typical mode of simultaneous interpreting. It is performed in interpreting booths where there are usually two interpreters. Due to the difficulty of simultaneous interpreting, they switch after certain time-periods (in ideal cases, after twenty minutes). The interpreter who is not currently active may assist his/her colleague, for example, by recording numerical data, long lists or difficult titles or names. In addition to that, interpreters have written documentation available in advance on the topic to be negotiated, which they have studied thoroughly. As a result, they are able to use the appropriate terminology and in this way which the quality of the interpreting is enhanced. We know that delivering only the best quality of interpreting will satisfy our clients.



Piloting, otherwise also known as “interpreting through the third language”, is a form of dual-level interpreting. Interpreting by piloting is used when speech from a less well-known language (such as Macedonian) is interpreted into more languages and there is a lack of interpreters for the particular language combinations with Macedonian. Therefore, one main interpreter is selected – the “pilot,” who interprets the speech from Macedonian into English and this English interpretation is further interpreted into the required languages by other interpreters. Since English is the working language of the majority of interpreters, it is much easier to get a good interpreter for a combination with this language. As a result of the “piloting” form of interpreting, we are able to offer you multiple interpreting from a variety of less well-known languages, in the required quality.


Interpreting Without Technical Equipment

This kind of simultaneous interpreting is performed outside of the interpreting booths and no interpreting equipment is needed (interpreting booths with equipment). Without the technical equipment, simultaneous interpreting may be performed by chuchotage (whispered simultaneous interpreting) or interpreting from writing.


Whispered Simultaneous Interpreting

Also referred to as “interpreting to ear” or “interpreting by whispering”. It is usually interpreting for one person only. It is a technique where the interpreter is located in close proximity to the person for whom he/she performs the interpreting and simultaneously interprets the speech of the speaker.


Interpreting From Writing

In interpreting from writing, the interpreter has a visual template – a text in the source language with the speech which is to be given by the speaker. This text is made available to the interpreter in advance and so he/she may prepare the specific terminology and exact formulation of sentences prior to delivering the interpreting in the target language. As a result of the precise preparation, the quality of the interpreted text is enhanced and the audience hears a coherent and fluent speech. This form is particularly suitable for reading speeches which are rapid and full of information and where the interpreting would be difficult without the source documents.


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