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We Know What Localization is about

By localization, we understand “translation with cultural customization – upgrade”. Such an upgrade includes customization of the textual contents to the individualities and particularities of the country in which the translation is to be used. Localized text should not sound as though it is just a translation of the original, with the resulting complications – the reader must gain the impression that it is the original version, in which he/she may orientate himself/herself naturally and quickly. This effect is mostly required when computer software, webpages or instructions for use (user manuals) are being translated.

Localization Is Not Just Translation; Localization Also Means Customization of the Product to the Target Culture

In the process of localization, the localized product (usually software, application) is adapted to the local particularities – language and culture. On the basis of this adaptation, the product is further tested in order to check that all the original functions of the product have been preserved.

We Know How the Localization Cycle Runs

At the moment when you provide us with your demand, we analyse your request and, according to our best experience and practice, we suggest the optimal solution to you. We offer you services to enable you to acquire the target product at the requisite quality for the price stipulated for the complex package of services. From that moment, you may leave performance of the job to us, satisfied that localization of your product is in our good hands. Our project managers are equipped with the necessary technical knowledge and they know which translator to turn to with a specific type of project. They select the most suitable suppliers – translators who, with the necessary software equipment, realize the text translation with the aim of adjusting the text to the required target culture. Thereafter, the texts are adapted to the requirements of the specific product (i.e. translation solutions are chosen, which, from the scope perspective, would match the display in positions with a pre-determined number of characters).

Quality is concealed in CAT Tools

One of the most effective ways to reach the required quality in translation is to work with CAT Tools. These tools enable translators as well as revisers to keep to the unified terminology and to maintain compliance of the translation with translations performed previously, ultimately in full compliance with your company documents.

We Know How to Localize

It would not be possible to perform localizations properly without the necessary technical knowledge of experts working on the translation. The technical knowledge and skills of localization experts have been always considered as standard. We realize that, in the latest technologies, the language used evolves day by day. We try to follow this trend even in localization. There are many terms and definitions in texts which have not so far found their equivalent in the Slovak language. It is necessary to create and to invent such definitions so that they are successfully adjusted to their environment. Professionals should find them accurate and linguists should find them correct. We seek out the optimal compromises for you so that the final product is the most perfect from the linguistic point of view. Self-evidently, we create glossaries and translation memory in which all the original and translated text segments are stored and prepared for repeated use: this contributes to decreasing the costs and to an increase in quality.

We Know which Products Need Localization

oftware applications and programs (printers, mobile phones and other devices)
Web presentations
Instructions for use and manuals
Educational materials
Computer games

We Know Why We Focus on Localizations

Our experts have extensive experience with localization tools, terminology tools and translation memory management tools. Currently, localization projects constitute a substantial part of our work; they provide us with many satisfied clients and so we hope to focus on such projects in the future.

We Know That You Will Benefit From Localization

We use translation memory as a tool to decrease the price and to increase the quality of translation. Due to translation memory, it is no longer necessary to translate the same sentence twice. The same subject or concept shall have the same title in all components and all revisions of the same software. The result is consistency of terminology and saving in costs.

We Know Our Partners

To achieve the best results, localization and translation works are performed by native speakers in LEXMAN, s.r.o. This is because only the native speaker, resident in his/her own native culture, may adjust the target texts to the local culture.

We Know When Localization is Successful

Localization is successful when our client who ordered the localization is satisfied. A satisfied client is one whose product acquires a text where the reader is wholly unaware that the text was originally intended for another market.

We Know Why Just Us

For example, if you need to translate the Instructions for Use into several languages with the help of translation software, it is simpler to have this job done by us and to receive it performed on a turn-key basis instead of having to search for a supplier in each country, to verify its qualities, to train him/her in using the software and to inspect the work on an ongoing basis. We can perform the whole task for you.

We Will Localize for You Right Now!

If you are interested in a free quotation, you can always contact us at +421 948 33 22 62 or by e-mail at: You can also use our online form. We will analyse the scope of your text and set up the particular procedures for its preparation directly tailored for your text (if you wish, we can even provide additional processing services for you). On confirmation of the order, the stipulated price is binding on us and you can be sure that you will not be required to pay a single extra cent. We know that we will deliver your translation on time, in compliance with your requests and at optimal costs.


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