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Quality is our primary objective. Therefore we invest in the best people, control processes and information technologies.



European Standard DIN EN ISO 17100:2016

We know that quality is attained if the text passes through several levels of processing. In order to deliver high quality translation services to our clients, we provide our translations in compliance with European Standard DIN EN ISO 17100:2016, which defines the standards required to achieve the best translation services.  


Notification of registration - conformity with DIN EN ISO 17100:2016


In compliance with the service ordered, each project undergoes specific levels of processing until it is delivered to the client. Each and every level has its unique place in the processing phase. The individual levels are defined below.




The translation is performed by the chosen translator with several years of practice in the requested language combination and the field of translation.



Inspection of integrity and formal requirements of the translation.



Inspection of the translated text by another translator, who compares the source and the translated text from the point of view of terminological integrity, means of expression and style. Revision is usually performed by a native speaker of the target language.



The aim of the expert consideration is an evaluation of the appropriacy of the translation for the given purpose and is performed by an expert in the requested specialization. As a result, the translation includes the specialized terminology in the required field of specialization and practice.



For us, desktop publishing means the final editing of the documents after translation in accordance with the original. Simple desktop publishing includes for example the page wrap, automatic content, headers, footers, numbers of headings and paragraphs, columns, text boxes, tables. Desktop publishing is performed by publishers in the commonly used layout applications.



Proofreading is a page adjustment of the text prior to publication. Its purpose is to remove any errors, missing letters, incorrectly divided words at the end of lines etc., which may arise during typography of the text (DTP works) at the printing station.



This is the final inspection performed by the project manager prior to delivery of the task to the client. The project manager assesses compliance of the client’s requests with the work performed on the project.


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