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We carry out projects into the Slovak language and into most of the languages of Central and Eastern Europe. We provide interpreting in accordance with the client’s request and availability of the interpreter for the requested language combination.




We prepare translations in various specializations and fields. We focus in particular on technical matters, engineering, information technologies, telecommunications, medicine, law, business and others.




We currently offer a wide range of deadlines for translation preparation for our clients. In addition to the regular deadlines within three days, we also offer express deadlines with performance on the same day. We prepare a firm deadline for the translation of the text delivered to you on request, along with the price quotation.


Delivery of the Translation


We send the completed translation to the e-mail address you stipulated, or we can burn it to CD/DVD, deliver by courier or we may print it and to send it to whichever postal address you stipulate.


Quality Guarantee


Quality is our primary objective. Therefore, we invest in the best people, control processes and information technologies. For more information on the quality of translations, please visit section Quality Guarantee.


Experts and Their Share in Translation:


Translator: renders written text in the source language into the target language

QA-checker: checks the completeness and overall accuracy

Reviser – native speaker: examines a translation for its appropriacy for the agreed purpose, compares the source and target texts and revises the style

Reviewer: examines a target text for its suitability for the agreed purpose in terms of special terminology from the field and respect for the conventions of the domain to which its belongs

DTP specialist: provides the graphic text editing

Proof-reader: checks the proofs prior to printing and publication

Project manager: monitors the work of experts and carries out the final verification




In the event of a professional error that might result in financial damage to the client, we are insured against claims resulting from our professional responsibility. We are proud to say that no such insurance claim has been made in the course of our company’s existence.




We are aware that the documents submitted to us may contain confidential information, which have the character of business or professional secrets. We are accustomed to working with such documents; each of our employees, translators and other external partners meets the conditions for working with confidential documents and is bound to respect confidentiality.


Data Security


In the course of realization of the project in our company, all documents in electronic form are regularly backed up. Furthermore, the building and all offices of the company are connected to a central security desk with a 24/7 service.


Advantages of Computer-Assisted Translation


For more advantages of Computer-Assisted Translation, please visit our section: CAT Tools.


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Coronavirus: recommendations for clients on how to order our services online!

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